eAcceleration Corp.

eAcceleration™ Corp. has developed and distributed innovative computer software for business and personal computers since 1987.

The company started in Silicon Valley, California as an SCSI Device software company. The company's SCSI Device Management System (SDMS), purchased by NCR® Corporation/AT&T®, became the standard SCSI Device Management System used in computers around the world. eAcceleration also developed a unique set of accelerator tools for CD-ROM and hard drive applications.

Today, eAcceleration Corp. is headquartered in Poulsbo, Washington and is the developer and manager of eAcceleration, an online subscription service. A single eAcceleration Membership gives a computer user access to all our software and services.

The current flagship of eAcceleration is our comprehensive suite of security applications, StopSign™ Computer Protection Service.

Unparalleled technical support and customer service are our hallmarks. Unlimited, free technical support is included with every membership. eAcceleration is committed to meeting consumer needs with superior software performance and unsurpassed customer service.

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