Software Updates

Daily updates to StopSign virus definitions and all software updates are available to eAcceleration members at no extra charge.

With an average of 300 new computer viruses and variations unleashed every month, you need to keep your antivirus software updated. If you use the Internet or email, you are exposing your computer to viruses and spyware. An unprotected computer can become infected with spyware within 20 minutes of logging onto the internet.

Most computer users think their antivirus software is up to date, but statistics show that almost two-thirds of computers have outdated or no antivirus software and no spyware protection.

At eAcceleration, we stress to our customers the importance of keeping their antivirus software updated. We make it easy to set all eAcceleration products to install software updates automatically as soon as they are available.

eAcceleration Memberships always include virus definition and software updates at no extra cost.

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