StopSign On-Access Scan
and IM Scanner

Added protection from infected files and IM viruses.

On-Access Scan: Scan files at the time you try to open them. This point-of-use scan notifies you at the very moment you try to open an infected file, so you stop before you unleash the infection on your computer.

Instant Message (IM) Scanner: Protects you from IM viruses by scanning all IM attachments as they are received. It also scans files as you download them from the internet.

Keep On-Access Scan and IM Scanner on duty to help guard against infected email attachments. It's like having bodyguards 24/7, always looking out for you!

Key Features:

On-Access Scan Stops Viruses BEFORE they are Opened
  • Blocks infected files BEFORE they do any harm.
  • Lets you download files with confidence and security.
  • Scans instant message attachments and other files you download.
  • Protects your PC between StopSign scans.
  • Real-time scanning with continuous protection.
  • Works seamlessly in the background, always protecting you.

On-Access Scan and IM Scanner: Continuous protection from infected files and IM viruses.