StopSign Popup Blocker

Stop popups for good!

Are popups ruining your internet experience? StopSign Popup Blocker will stop popups once and for all.

Popup Blocker stops internet advertising that is always popping up, cluttering your computer screen. Based on your individual settings, Popup Blocker can detect if a popup is good or bad. You decide which popups to view.

Popup Blocker stops unwanted popups from websites. For complete protection, add StopSign Threat Scanner. Threat Scanner removes spyware and adware lurking on your hard drive that could be generating popups even when you're not online. When used together, these programs can give you the best internet experience possible.

Key Features:

  • Stops annoying popups automatically.
  • Customizable - you decide which popups and websites to block.
  • Keeps popups from cluttering your computer screen.
  • Blocks ads without interfering with normal internet browsing.
  • Easy-to-use interface

StopSign Popup Blocker: Try our free Popup Blocker and find out how easy it is to stop popups today.